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Miki goes on KTLA 5 to stand up for our free internet. Click on John McCain to hear the debate. Why net neutrality?  Without it your internet providers (ATT, Time Warner...) will charge you to go to favorite internet sites like You Tube and Twitter, just the way they charge for Cable channels on TV. McCain is the biggest recipient of their money in Congress and the author of the bill to let them charge you. Of course he calls it “Internet Freedom ACT” look out when a Republican says “Freedom” - freedom to fleece us all is more like it.

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The rest of the City is screaming because the Building &Safety Department is putting them through the wringer on the addition of a broom closet to their garage and the same department doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about the safety of school children...read more

The public school children of Los Angeles just took another one in the chops from the big guys. Will the Mayor and his bunch of school yard bullies....read more

Miki accused of Racism by ???, Community College District’s  plan to “stonewall” residents...read more

Quick, what does Downtown Playboy Prince Antonio, uber playboy ex-president Bumpin’ Bill, anti-playboy ex VP Green Al, $50,000 sandwiches and squeaky clean President Cool-O have in common? A hint, two attractive ill fated ingenues are involved, but no sex please - unless you call a three way political deal that insiders are buzzing about, the ultimate politician sex...read more

Drug Giant Merck sets records for pharmaceutical greed in pricing their HIV/AIDS drug, Isentress. It’s not easy to be the biggest pig when it comes to gouging for drug prices, but Merck has managed to take the prize.

In the face of ever growing infections and tighter dollars for care and purchasing drugs for people with HIV/AIDS drugs, Merck is gobbling up the scarce funds as fast as you can say heartless profiteering.

Waiting lists are growing around the country and those can be fatal to those with HIV/AIDS. If people with HIV/AIDS don’t get the life saving drugs...their lives aren’t saved. If people who are on drug regimens can’t afford to take their drugs as prescribed they can develop resistance...and that can create drug resistant strains of the already deadly virus. A formula for a combustive disaster that doesn’t need the gasoline of drug company greed poured on it.

Miki Jackson 2010